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Terms & Conditions

(Store address: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh and we ship to all Saudi cities only at the moment)

Trade name: Sakher Store

These conditions are established for your protection and to clarify the method and operating laws of the perfume shop:

1 - All data recorded in your account must be correct, such as e-mail, mobile and address to ensure the arrival of the purchased goods and you must update your data in the store in the event of any change happening to your address, for example, or mobile number before shipping the order from the store Contact us on WhatsApp customer service and inform us of any update of your information

Because updating data after sending the request (does not reach us).

2 - The deposit process must be completed until the shipping process begins for the customer and we do not carry out any shipment until the full amount is paid.

4 - Prices on the site are fixed prices that are set based on competitive marketing standards and therefore are final, non-negotiable prices.

5 - In the event that there is any defect in the product or a wrong product was delivered to you by the perfume expert's store, we will compensate the customer either by returning the amount or delivering the required goods for free.

6 - In the event that a product is returned, it must be within 5 days of receipt, with the invoice present, and the product is in its original state and not open, and no product other than that will be accepted, and the customer will bear the product return fee.

7 - We apologize for sending any requests that were not paid in advance, with the possibility of payment upon receipt.

8 - Orders are booked through the store for a week only from the time of the request. If it is not confirmed by paying the value of the product in advance, the request is considered canceled.

9 - Refund will not be accepted for any product used or received in its original condition.

10 - We are in Sakhr store committed to the customer with fast delivery with a maximum period of (3-7) working days for our clients outside Riyadh. In case of delay in the arrival of the order more than 15 days and the request did not reach the customer through shipping companies, he has the right to demand the cancellation of the request and return the amount To his bank account

11-In the event that the order was shipped to the customer and wanted to cancel the order and recover the amount of the order and it is on the way to him and the order has not been received From the shipping company.